Saturday, June 17, 2006

Live BE Radio Tonight at 8pm EST

Hello everybody, and get ready for another production of Live BlogExplosion Radio! If you’re around your computer on a Saturday night, celebrate with friends, fun and good music on BE radio.

BE Radio goes live at 8 pm every Saturday night, and while I (your friendly neighborhood Nomad) am the DJ, you control the show. I’ll play your requests, dedicate songs to other listeners, promote your blog, and even help you earn credits that will drive traffic to your site.

It’s a fun time for all, and most listeners hang out together in Shoutbox, BlogExplosion’s chat room where bloggers from around the world get together and hang out.  Feel free to turn on your cam and earn credits in our dance contests, or look at other people’s cams and see the people whose writings you read every day. Plus, tonight is silly hat night in Shoutbox (not required but awfully fun) so it’s bound to be a good time.

Do you have a request or dedication for tonight?  Feel free to submit it here!  Want me to read a headline from your blog on the air?  No problem, just give me the URL and I’ll get it done. Want me to host a contest where people will come to your blog looking for a specific piece of information so they can earn credits?  Awesome, just let me know.

But any way you slice it, come on over to BE Radio tonight, Saturday night at 8pm EST for the third edition of live BE Radio, and get ready for some fun. And bring your smile, because we’re gonna have a party.

BE Radio: Radio for bloggers, by bloggers, and yes, even about bloggers!

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