Monday, June 12, 2006

Movers and Shakers hold Secret Talks

In Ottowa, “the world's political elite, top thinkers and powerful business folk” are holding secret meetings to discuss the most pressing issues in the world today. The annual event, called The Bilderberg Conference, includes such big names as Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands. In all, 130 of the world’s wealthiest and most powerful people have been meeting in Ottowa this weekend.

The first conference was held in 1954, and to this day no outsiders know of what is discussed behind the closed doors of the meeting.  This has led to a number of theories about the nature of the talks and the purpose of the group, and a great deal of suspicion.  

Conspiracy theorists who follow the group accuse it of plotting world domination at its informal annual gatherings.

But, Richard Perle, former US defence policy advisor, upon his arrival in Ottawa, denied allegations the group crafts public policy behind closed doors. "It discusses public policy," he stressed to a Citizen reporter.

A statement from the group said the meetings were private to encourage "frank and open discussions."

Admittedly, I find it odd that none of the major American media outlets are reporting on this.  But I like the idea of the conference. I figure, you put that many intelligent people in a room talking, they’re bound to have at least one valuable idea, right?  What the world needs is more communication between these intelligent people, so they can work together to find best solutions for some of the problems we face today.  I only wonder how I can get an invite.

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