Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

On the LunaStone site is a great meme, the 13 places I want to visit.  As a nomad, I’ve been a ton of places, but there are still many places I have not been that I want to go to, so I decided to participate.  So, check out my list, and feel free to tell me where you would like to go.  One note: I’m going to go in reverse order, so the place I want to go most will be the last place listed.

13. Seattle – A great music scene makes this an attractive place to visit, while the rain makes it so that I wouldn’t want to live there.

12. Iraq – OK, this would have to be a short visit, but I always believe it’s hard to comment on a location unless you’ve experienced it, so I need to get there at some point.

11. Greenland – Another situation where I read so much about Greenland, especially in reference to global warming, that I would like to see it for myself.

10. Hawaii – You know, I’m not really a fan of resort places, and haven’t been to many. But Hawaii looks well beyond spectacular, and I would like to make it there once in my life, if only for a short time.

9. Thailand – I know this will sound terrible, but I want to go to Thailand for the food.  Yes, it’s supposed to be a beautiful country.  But I love cooking Thai food, and would love to test real, authentic Thai food.

8. Italy – For Italy I need a significant other to share it with me. But from what I’ve read and pictures I’ve seen, there’s no more romantic location on the earth, and I would like to experience it first hand.

7. South Africa – South Africa is supposed to be beautiful, but admittedly much of that beauty would be similar to beauty I’ve seen in other parts of Africa.  But having read so much on South Africa and its political woes, I would like to live there for a few months, and really experience the country.

6. Greece – I love ruins and the history they represent.  There’s so much to learn about our own past by looking at the ruins of past societies.  I’ve seen a great deal of that in places like Israel, Egypt, and locals in Europe, but I haven’t seen Greece yet, so it has to be on the list.

5. The Moon – Others have went, why can’t I?

4. China – There is so much that isn’t known about China, and so many different cultures in the country that I would like to experience. I think a bike ride across the country would be an amazing experience.

3. Mt. Everest – I love to mountain climb, but the doctors have made it quite clear that I only have one good climb left in me, at most.  Wouldn’t it be great to make it a great climb?  I’ve climbed Kilimanjaro (to a lower peak, but still a great, beautiful and tough climb), so that leaves Everest.

2. Japan – Whether it’s because of the Japanese women, their art, or their attention to detail found in every facet of Japanese life, I’ve always wanted to go, and I’m sure I will make it there eventually.

1. Australia – So much untouched land, so much to see and do, Australia has always been a dream for me. I’m not talking spending all my time in a city (although Perth is supposed to be in the middle of nowhere and truly beautiful), and I’m not talking a short visit.  I need to go there for a year or two, and really soak in all the country has to offer.

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