Thursday, August 31, 2006

Inspiration and New Beginnings: Can You Feel It?

I can feel the thrill upon me, like a taste in my mouth.  It’s there, nearly all the time, a level of excitement, a powerful feeling that keeps me up in the night.  A new venture is beginning!  A new chapter in my life is about to unfold!

This venture is an internet radio station, BigDawgRadio. I’ve been told a million times that internet radio stations have no future, that they’re a dime a dozen. If they’re right, this will be a short chapter.  But I’m not convinced. I have a vision in my mind, and if it’s anything I’ve learned from the past ventures, it’s to follow those visions.  They’ve come true in the past.

So lots going on, getting DJs ready to go, helping get the web site ready, checking out technology, and filling in music lists.  But it’s a labor of love, with each activity being the building block to something more, something special.  Ten years from now I’ll look back on this as either the start of something great or a waste of time, but either way I won’t regret one minute of this exhilarating process.

I was talking with a friend about the station, and they asked what ties the station together, since there is such a broad range of programming. What makes it special?  Well, that one’s easy: it’s the passion that each person, each member of the station, feels for their own particular program.  

One of the new DJs was the first person, back in grade school, to teach me about passion for the music.  Another new DJ shows a passion for the paranormal that I can only begin to understand, but that I feel tangibly.  And the passion coming from my co-owners is completely immeasurable. I can feel it in every conversation I have about the new venture.

So we move swiftly towards our launch Sunday at 6pm, trying to let that passion be felt over the air waves. And I bring my passion not only to the music, but to the process itself, to creating a station that will truly strike at the hearts and hearths of our listeners. Who knows, perhaps it will work, and BigDawgRadio will be something special, something inspiring.  As for me, I will be inspired by it consistently.

Image by Thomas Hawk

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