Friday, August 25, 2006

The Nomad on BigDawgRadio Tonight at 9:00 pm EST

It’s Friday again, which means it’s time to get ready for another airing of The Nomad Show on BigDawgRadio from 9pm est to 1am. This should be a very special show, because along with our normal sponsors, BlogExplosion and BlogMad, we are joined by a third sponsor, the 3 Paws Saloon, who will be hosting a 40s and 50s party that will be entertained by the show.  This is what 3 Paws has to say:

Come meet old and new friends from around the globe. 3 Paws Saloon is a shared chatroom of multiple groups, and is international, with English as the primary language. The main hosts (owners) are Valkricry and Foxerina. However, we do not demand membership in either group or any group for a person to chat. We do ask that the chat is kept clean, you bring a sense of humor, and have fun though. From LOL to ooh-lala, we have it all.

This is going to be a very fun evening, and I encourage everyone to spend some time at the 3 Paws Saloon. Bring your six-shooter, though, because it may get a bit rough! Meanwhile I suspect the same band of miscreants (whom I have grown to love) will be hanging out in BlogExplosion’s ShoutBox, and you are always welcome there.  Plus, last week we started spending time at BlogMad’s ShoutBox, and it was a great time.

Once again I will be raffling off credits from BlogExplosion and BlogMad.  Last week we had 3 winners: Michele of Michele’s Hangout and Bozette of Pictures From My World won 500 BE credits, while Jana Vent of The Hate File won 500 BM credits. Plus we gave away tons of credits randomly.  If you would like to be registered for these raffles, simply leave a comment here, and you will be registered.  

I do have a new tenant, Rache from Green who will be hanging out with us.  She’s got a cool blog, well worth a view, and it would be fantastic if you would show her some support.  Click the icon on the right, and a new screen will open on the green world. Plus, comment here as to what city she’s from, and I’ll send you 25 credits on either BE or BM.

And, as always, we’ll be doing requests, dedications and a wide variety of other fun things during the show.  So don’t be shy; tell us what you would like to hear, and I’ll make sure it happens for you.  Be original, be creative, I’ll do my best.  This is your show, fellow listeners, so lets work together to make it a special one.  I look forward to seeing everyone tonight from 9pm est until 1am.  

And, in the immortal words of the Big Dawg, AWOOOOOOOOOF!!!!!!!!!!!


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