Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New Template, Tenant, Chat Room Sponsor and BigDawgRadio: It’s Been an Exciting Week

It’s been a big week around Perspectives of a Nomad, with a new look, a new roommate, and the re-launch of a radio station with a new site and new blog. It’s really cool stuff, so let’s get right to the news.

I’ll start with the new template.  I submitted by blog to FrogMyBlog for evaluation, and got some great suggestions.  Then I went to designer extraordinaire, LunaStone, and we began the work on a new template that would keep the original feel and strong content, but build in some of the real improvements the blog was begging for.  And voila, Luna created the new design you see here.  Tell me what you think, I would love the feedback.

I also picked up a great tenant this week.  If you haven’t been to The Cartoonist They Call the Stik, you don’t know what you’re missing.   This guy makes the funniest cartoons out of cows you’ve ever seen.  He’s made a cartoon every day for the past 165 days, and I’ve laughed through every one of them.  Tell me how a cow shows another their pissed off (from cartoon 160), and I’ll give you 50 credits on BlogExplosion or BlogMad.  Tell me which you prefer.

But the huge news is, without question, the re-launch of BigDawgRadio this Sunday. The new site is nearly completed, the blog is up, and DJs are being scheduled for the launch.  We will have live DJs all Sunday and Monday, and we’ll be taking requests the whole time. This is going to be an event to remember, and we want you to be a part of it, so tune in starting Sunday morning, and be a part of the fun.

Plus, we now have three sponsors for the radio station, two of them new: the 3 Paws Saloon, BlogMad, and existing sponsor BlogExplosion!  

Each has a chat room, and at least during my shows, and during many other BigDawgRadio shows, the DJs can be found chatting to listeners in these rooms, getting requests and keeping the party going.  These are real communities, and we hope you take part in them.

This Friday night I will not be DJing, but I will be spinning music extensively during the launch Sunday and Monday, and I’ll be letting people know what times soon enough.  So check out the new BDR site, leave feedback on this site, and remember to check out my roommate.  Plus, last but certainly not least, thanks for stopping by Perspectives of a Nomad.  And stop by tomorrow to see our next guest post and Point/Counterpoint from David of Travel Italy.

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