Thursday, October 12, 2006

Latest Rave Allows Dancing To Your Own Beat

A very cool article in The Daily Mail today tells of a new, more technologically advanced type of rave. And frankly, I want in!

Hundreds of people arrived at England’s Liverpool Street Station armed with their iPods and dancing shoes, participating in a new activity called Mobile Clubbing. Each of them had received an email telling the time and place, and they loaded up their iPods with their favorite dance music, and descended on the station.

No need for any huge PA system. No need for a DJ to host the event. Really, they didn’t even need to disrupt traffic at the typically busy station. They just showed up and started dancing. People went to get their trains home from work, and a party broke out.

Now, I must say that I would think the dancing would be a bit tougher, in that everyone would be dancing to different music. How do you find a partner, when the beats can be so radically different? Maybe they all need to download a podcast of a good DJ (anyone know a good DJ?) playing cool dance tunes.

Still, the concept of a rave breaking out in the middle of a train station, with passengers seeing the station flooded with dancers but hearing no music, that is a site I would like to see. Think we can arrange one at Grand Central Station? How about the stairs of Congress? Put on your dancing shoes, because baby, I’m in!

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