Thursday, September 14, 2006

Sex for Revenge? Britain Seeing AIDS Used as Lethal Weapon

Months ago I wrote about Sarah Jane Potter, who was sleeping with black men to get revenge after being infected with AIDS. Now meet Everson “Ace” Banda, an African asylum seeker who worked at a British resort and lured women to his room for sex and potential infection with AIDS.

Banda moved to Britain in 2000 on a tourist visa, and was staying at Orchards Holiday Village at St. Osyth, near Essex, where he hosted a holiday campsite caravan. There, he evidently made a practice of seducing scores of women by getting them drunk at pubs and walking them back to the caravan, where he would have sex with the women.

On August 19th, immigration removed Banda to Zimbabwe, who had long overstayed his stay in Britain. But they were surprised when examining his caravan to find letters from the lawyers of 5 distraught women who have been infected by Banda by the AIDS virus. The resort anticipates more women coming forward who have been infected by Banda.

More and more stories are coming forth of women who had unprotected sex with Banda, unaware that he was HIV positive. This includes a co-worker who was a virgin before sleeping with Banda, and has now contracted the disease. The police indicate if they had found the legal documents before evicting Banda from the country, they would have held him and tried him for assault.

Add in Owen Trowser, the 29 year old Brit who went on a 100 girl revenge spree after contracting the disease, and sex is becoming a deadly weapon in Britain. It leads to the serious question, which I posed many months ago, about whether the British laws for intentionally spreading the AIDS virus are too lax.

There is no question that, when faced with the slow death that often follows contraction of AIDS, there are very few punishments that will make a significant impact. But can there really be an act more morally depraved that wantonly spreading this disease? It seems that at some point the repercussions should match the crime.

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