Friday, September 08, 2006

Radio Show Tonight at 9pm EST

First off, many apologies to all for not having blogged in a week. It has been a frantic, madcapped week as we worked on getting BigDawgRadio up to full capacity. But I must say that I now see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that the station is really starting to meet its potential. It's totally exciting!

Yes, I know I have been on the air quite a bit this past week, but tonight is my normal show, the big show, and I've been very psyched getting ready for it. So I wanted to give everyone some key links, so you can be part of the show:

First off, you can hear the show at BigDawgRadio. If you haven't seen the site yet, Luna did an amazing job on it, so check it out. While you're there, grab a request. This will insert your request right into my playlist, and get it heard as soon as possible! You can also post comments or requests on the chat box on the main page.

I will be hanging out in three chat rooms tonight: first off, there is the 3 Paws Saloon, which I only discovered a couple weeks ago and absolutely love!

I'll also be in BlogExplosion's Shoutbox, where the management has been so kind as to set up a chat room just for the show so I can hang out with some of my best friends on the web. And finally, I'm beginning to explore the world of BlogMad, who also has a very cool chat room. Don't you love a world where you can be in multiple places at once?

So come hang out for another episode of the Nomad Show on BigDawgRadio, and become part of the show. This is your show, your night, and we're more than glad you are here. Hope to see you tonight!

--The Nomad

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