Friday, September 29, 2006

Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel…But New Co-Host! Plus Credits to Give Away

I must say I haven’t been as psyched for a radio show as I am for tonights in a long time.  Why, you may ask? Because I’m proud to introduce my new co-host, DJ Danelle!

Danelle brings a cutting edge new sound to the show, adding a thorough knowledge of alternative music to my existing music library, adding newer, cutting edge music into the mix and allowing us to play some of the better alternative requests I have been receiving. Add in that her voice will turn any guy’s knees weak in like 2 seconds flat, and she’s going to be a great addition to the show!

This means tonight’s show, which starts at 9pm est will be filled with energy and fun, and I hope you’ll be along for the ride. The request pages are up and have approximately 8500 songs for you to choose from, including a whole bunch of new tracks, so feel free to go to BigDawgRadio, turn on the tunes, and request a whole bunch of songs!

Plus, if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the request pages, just ask for it in the chat rooms. I will be hanging out in two chat rooms tonight: the BlogExplosion Shoutbox and the 3 Paws Saloon Chat. Plus, you can add your request as a comment here, or at BigDawgRadio’s Shoutbox. Wherever you add it, DJ Danelle and I will play it.

Not only that, but I’m so psyched about tonight’s show, I have 2000 BE credits to give away throughout the night, with no rhyme or reason to how I will dole them out.  One easy way to get credits is to give me some suggestions here for artists that I should add into the request pages; I’ll definitely reward good suggestions!

So tune in for the fun! We’ll play for 4 hours with the goal of playing nothing but requests the whole way.  Why?  Because this is your station, BigDawgRadio.  And, in the immortal words of the Big Dawg….AWOOOOF! See you tonight.

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