Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bible Studies Pay Off

A very odd story is emerging out of Cincinatti today. Evidently, a man on trial for using a stolen credit card has been set free because he has a strong knowledge of the bible. Sound bizarre? It certainly does to me!

Eric Hine was arrested for using a stolen credit card at a drug store. His attorney requested his client be given a low bail because the client was a regular attendee at church.

Judge John Berlew decided to quiz Hine, asking him to recite the 23rd Psalm. After Hine was able to recite all six verses of the fairly famous psalm, the judge decided to one-up the lawyer: he released Hine on his own recognizance. He did issue a $10,000 appearance bond, indicating that Hine would have to pay $10,000 if he didn’t show up for court. Still, at present, Hine owes nothing to the court.

Now personally, I do not believe that knowledge of the Bible makes you any more honorable or trustworthy then a person who has minimal knowledge of the bible. But certainly, this seems an odd criterion for releasing a criminal. Either way, you have to figure that those Sunday school classes have really paid off for Eric Hine. So next time you think of ditching religious school, think again!

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