Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Caravan Radio Comes To Life

I love it when a plan comes together! I must admit that I was nervous when I left BigDawgRadio, essentially finishing the BDR year-long run. I felt that, to grow, the station needed to eliminate some of the people who weren’t contributing to the station. But could I do this alone? Could I build a station on my own, from the ground up, and make it a success?

Well guess what, I didn’t have to. For some strange reason, the best people from BigDawg followed me to the new project, and have reaffirmed my faith in the potential of this project. The truth is I could never have built the station as it should be on my own, but each person has brought their own skills and enthusiasm to the project, and signs of greatness are already visible.

The new station is named Caravan Radio, and this is a real team project, every person contributing to make something better than any one of us could have accomplished. Plus, the teamwork has inspired me. It’s a truly special feeling.

HippieChick is the leader of this new endeavor, and a better leader I couldn’t imagine. She has an amazing grasp of the big picture, of what will define the station, and has really put us on a track to success. Rogue is in charge of the business end and spreading the word, a perfect match for his fearless demeanor. And this leaves space for me to deal with the day to day operations, and the details that can trip up any small business.

Already, Luna has designed our site, which looks, to my eye, better than the BigDawg site ever looked. The site feels like it should be home, and I would love to ride one of those camels. Meanwhile, Val is working on the more technical aspects of the station, providing the features that will make Caravan Radio the best station on the net.

We also are adding new DJs into the mix. Already Foxe and Ragnellah have joined the team, and will help provide music to the European market. And with any luck we’ll have a new Jazz and World Music DJ coming on board soon, someone with years as a professional Jazz saxophonist, playing with some of the best names in the industry.

We’re adding new shows, too. I am hoping to do a political show, talking to a variety of politicians over issues of the day. Another person is looking to do a show with live Grateful Dead music, including some of the best shows from their illustrious career. Yet another person aims to do an album show, playing and talking about one album every week.

The truth is that the sky is the limit. We are open to any ideas, to any new DJs, and to anyone who is willing to contribute to the team. We hope to have the radio broadcasting later this week, and to have the website fully functional by sometime next week. The weekend of August 3rd we’ll have the launch party, and celebrate the new station in appropriate fashion.

It’s really exciting, to be honest, and it’s all coming together. Yeah, I was nervous about leaving BigDawgRadio at first, but now I’m so glad I did. Soon, we’ll have the music flowing again, and we’ll provide a far better service then BigDawg ever did. Hopefully, we’ll be providing you with hours of the greatest gift I know, music! That’s why the station is a labor of love for me, and while I’m so glad Caravan Radio is coming to life.

If you get a chance, take a look at the new site, and provide some feedback. You know, even a suggestion makes you a part of the Caravan family. So come aboard, grab a camel, and get ready to tune in. Any day now, the Caravan is coming to a computer near you. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

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