Friday, August 24, 2007

Caravan Radio Coming To Life

One of my projects, perhaps the project I enjoy the most, is the creating of a radio station, called Caravan Radio. We have been building it for a month or so, after our last station had to fold. Finally, the station is coming together.

Today, we got back several of our key DJs, and that was a huge step forward. The goal is to have live DJs every night, representing different genres, but all being responsive to the listeners with requests, dedications, basically making it the listeners’ station. Now, getting back these DJs, we will be able to cover all nights, as well as covering a broad range of musical genres. That’s great stuff!

Plus, we have just commissioned a firm to do the last work on our web site. Request pages are on the way, where you will be able to go to a page, see all the song in a particular DJ’s library, and choose the song you want to hear. If there is no live DJ, the song will come on automatically in a few minutes. If there is a live DJ, he’ll work the song into the mix.

Plus, we’re adding Skype to our software, allowing listeners to call in to a particular radio show and go on the air. We’ll also be able to have two DJs interacting with the Skype system, which will really enhance shows like the Monday Love Line, where DJs address the love issues of our listeners from both a male and female perspective. And dedications will be great with Skype, with listeners sending personal messages to other listeners.

It’s a really exciting time, and I’m very excited to see it coming together. Hopefully, Labor Day weekend or the weekend after will be our grand opening, though we’re already broadcasting now. And soon enough, my goals and the goals of the team will be realized, as Caravan Radio becomes the station we all hope it can be.

This really is a labor of love, and I’m psyched it’s coming together. If you feel like being part of the family, tune in, we’d love to have you. Caravan Radio: Where the Music is a Journey!

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