Monday, January 16, 2006


Tonight was the first night of the new season of 24, and if you didn’t see it, let me tell you that it did not dissapoint. It was non-stop action throughout the two episodes shown tonight, and even though it was only the beginning of the season, I was dying to see the next episode by the time the first two hours of the show were completed.

Already the show has challenged its viewers. Only two episodes in, and two of my favorite characters have already been killed off. Jack has already made one ruthless killing, and brutalized a ton of different government agents. Strangers are already being dragged into the scenario, and conspiracies are forming. A great friend and I are already discussing plots, subplots, and theories, and neither of us can wait for tomorrow night, when there will be two more episodes.

And the best part is that there are no weeks without episodes. Unlike every other show on television, 24 plays on consecutive weeks, without breaks for holidays or specials. It gives the show a flow and a rhythm that really helps keep the plot moving. And it means that we don’t need to be waiting for the next juicy piece of the puzzle, like we always are with Lost.

If you haven’t checked out 24 yet, do so. You will be shocked how good a show this is, and you’ll be hooked immediately. And if you love the show, write back here, and say why you love it. And no matter what, get psyched for tomorrow’s episodes.

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