Monday, January 16, 2006

Abu Tir Arrested Again

Yesterday, I posted an entry about a potential moderate from Hamas, Mohammed Abu Tir. Today, Israel arrested him again, while rounding up four Hamas politicians on the ballot to try and prevent them from being elected.

Israel announced today that they would let East Jerusalem Palestinians vote in the January 25th election, but that they would not allow Hamas to campaign in East Jerusalem, and proceeded to arrest the four Hamas politicians. This, of course, brought quick condemnation from Mahmoud Abbas and other Palestinians.

I understand that Israel is hoping against hope that Hamas does not win the election. But at a certain point Israel is going to far to try to win its agenda and all that can be achieved is a backlash from the Palestinian community. The elections are a week and a half away, let the Palestinians democratically elect the best government to represent their interests, and find a way to work with that government.

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