Sunday, January 29, 2006

Gotta Love Football Fans

OK, I must tell you, I’m a huge football fan, an Eagles fan, die hard. I bleed green, live and die by the Eagles year after year, and am glued to the TV every Sunday for 4+ months every year. I have heroes by the name of Donovan, Reggie, Bergey, and Muddy. I am an Eagles fan, and a football fan, and my love for the team knows no bounds.

As such, I have a deep admiration for any football fans who are devoted as me (as long as they don’t live in Dallas). Thus, this story really appealed to me:

WASHINGTON, Pennsylvania - Just to make sure there's no confusion about which team they are supporting in the Super Bowl XL, the mayor and council voted unanimously to change this city's name.

Welcome to Steeler, Pennsylvania.

The name change for the city of about 15,000 people south of Pittsburgh will last through Feb. 5, the day of the football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Seattle Seahawks in Detroit.

Devoted football, fans, you really have to love them. So hats off to Steeler, PA, and good luck next Sunday!

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