Monday, February 06, 2006

New Way to Celebrate Super Bowl

OK, now first, let me say I’m a die-hard football fan, especially an Eagles fan. If you have read this blog before, no surprises there. Second, I do want to say congrats to the Steelers, who played great today. Anyway, as a football fan, the Super Bowl has always been a big thing for me, not only because it’s the championship game, but because it’s the last football game for 6 months. My friends and I normally get together, have a bit too much fun, and enjoy the last game of the year over wings and pizza.

This year, I am seeing someone new, a very cool woman, and she invited me for the Super Bowl. Now at first I as tentative, as this is not normally the way I would celebrate the big game. But I figured, she likes football, and she’s incredibly fun to be around, I’ll give it a try. So why not?

Folks, this was a wonderful night. She was a pleasure to watch the game with. She liked the football somewhat, and was totally into the commercials, so we could laugh about them. Plus, she cooked. And folks, I’m not saying she cooked, I’m saying SHE COOKED! An amazing London broil, these really great shrimp, and a chocolate cream pie, my absolute favorite.

Anyway, I’m sold. Maybe it means I’m getting old, but I could watch the Super Bowl this way every year. I can’t help but feel a bit bad that she went to all that fuss for me, but I must say it was an awesome day. I hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl as much as I did, and again, congrats Pittsburgh.

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