Friday, March 03, 2006

Alba Featured in Playboy against Her Will

In one of the odder, and perhaps more desirable stories of 2006, Jessica Alba has been featured on the cover of Playboy magazine, despite specifically refusing to allow her picture to be used in the magazine.

Apparently, Alba was chosen as Sexiest Star of the Year in a Playboy poll, prompting the magazine to offer Alba the cover of the magazine, along with compensation. Now I’m not sure, but I think the cover shot of Playboy is always clothed, although minimally, so it's not completely naked. Alba flatly refused the cover, saying it would not be consistent with the image she wishes to portray of herself.

But Playboy did not stop there. They instead turned to a ruse, asking Playboy’s publicist for a promotional photo for Alba’s upcoming movie, “The Smoking Gun” without identifying themselves as representatives of Playboy. They then used this photo as the cover for the magazine without receiving permission or compensating Alba in any way.

First, let me admit it…I may not like pornography, but if Jessica Alba were gong to pose in Playboy, I would buy it. She’s way hot! So it is no surprise that Playboy wanted her on the cover. But it’s not fair to put her on the cover when she has flatly refused to be featured there. It wasn’t like it was tacit; she turned it down, and this to me seems like a total violation of her rights.

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