Wednesday, March 01, 2006

AP Video Proves it: Bush Is a Liar

Have you seen it? 1 hour ago, a tape made by the White House documents definitively that George Bush had a full knowledge of the potential and expected ramifications of Hurricane Katrina 2 days before the storm hit New Orleans. Michael Brown is shown fully briefing George Bush and others by teleconference, with a variety of experts on hand, predicting exactly what would occur when Katrina hit land.

The most important players from the incident were located in the situation room, and the screen shows as many as 9 parties in seperate windows, including a screen for Mississippi, Florida, National Hurricane Center, and, of course, George Bush.

First Brown talks about this being the "big one", and how dangerous this Hurricane could be, expressing his concerns as well for the SuperDome. Then a representative of the National Hurricane Center spoke about specific path trajectories and areas for most concern. He addressed the levies, and even mapped the course of the storm.

Then, the moment we've all been waiting for. Bush gets up for his photo op, and pledges his support in the crisis. He says the government will be there for New Orleans before and after the storm, and pledges his support of all of the country's resources to avert a dissaster. Too bad he didn't keep his promise.

4 days later, George Bush was on the air, telling the world that there was no way anyone could have predicted the topping of the levees. But there's Brown, on the tape, predicting the topping of the levees. Bush didn't ask any questions then, but he should have.

How long was it before Bush was pushing the blame onto Brown? It wasn't long, that's for sure. But now we have proof, definitive proof from the White House, that Brown had communicated the seriousness of the issue to Bush. At what point will he take responsibility for his role in this attrocity? 1,300 dead, 2,300 missing. We're a long way from Harry Truman's The Buck Stops Here.

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