Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Next Greatest Danger: Terrorism

Having completed the first in the 10 Greatest Dangers to the Western World series, I am now moving on to my second danger. I want to thank people for the many kind words about the first post, but also to tell you how it will differ from here on out.

First, I wanted to give people an overall idea of what the format for each of these posts would be with my first post, The Conflict between the West and the Middle East. This format will be maintained. However, from here out I will post one portion of the post every weekday, hopefully around noon, so there’s something shorter and new to read around lunch time.

Second, I was originally going to cover Iran second, but decided instead to use the poll, found on the right side of the screen, to determine my coverage order. Yes, there aren’t many responses there now, but that means one individual can have a big influence on what a write about. So please respond to the poll, it only takes a second.

Finally, I’m hoping to get some submissions for good posts by other bloggers to include in this post. This cuts down my research time and increases the coverage of your posts (I’ve gotten emails from 3 bloggers I linked to in the first post saying their getting a ton of hits). So why not, send me the post, it takes one second and is totally appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for their comments and criticisms of the first post, you're what make it worth while to put in the effort. I hope you enjoy the next entry in the series.

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