Sunday, February 26, 2006

Nomad Hosted by Sanity’s Bluff for a Week

As many of you know, I believe myself to be the modern-day nomad, scurrying around from place to place to find the next great adventure. And while now I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m starting to slow down a bit, I still love the road, the feeling of anticipation as you approach a new town and a new culture, the excitement as you hear a new perspective.

The Web Loafer is a kindred spirit. He is a trucker with a blog called Sanity’s Bluff, and he is definitely a nomad at heart. I’ve always had a romanticized notion of truck driving, heading off across the country to find inspiration, and a livelihood where you define the terms. So I must admit I’m envious of the Loafer. Thus I’m honored that he agreed to host my site this week.

Throughout my travels I have always been surprised that people think Americans are all alike, but in reality there are hundreds, maybe thousands of different cultures throughout the US, and hundreds of thousands of different points of view. Truly Web Loafer must be in contact with so many different people that he’s continually challenged, continually inspired by some new culture. The views espoused on his site reflect that depth of communication.

I know it’s not customary to promote the site that is hosting my site, but Sanity’s Bluff is an exception; it’s a great site that everyone should take a look at some time. Web Loafer, thanks for hosting me, and thanks for writing.

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