Friday, February 24, 2006

Bond Director Busted for Solicitation

Director Lee Tamahori, most famous for directing the Bond film “Die Another Day” has been arrested for soliciting two undercover police officers for sex. OK, a director soliciting prostitutes, no big deal, right? It probably happens every day. But from the office of the ironic, his plea bargain is classic. To repay his debt to society, Tamahori has to clean up Hollywood.

Along with three years of probation and an AIDS education course, Tamahori has to perform 15 days of community service working for the Hollywood Beautification Project. To me, this seems like an awfully fitting punishment, considering the film industry has so much to do with the mess Hollywood has become. Perhaps the law should state that, from this day forward, any person connected with the filming industry who gets arrested should have to work for this project. Hollywood would be cleaned up inside of a year.

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