Saturday, February 25, 2006

NYP Tammy Craze Sweeps the Web

You know, I obviously spend way to much time reading serious news, because I totally missed the whole NYP Tammy story. Which is a shame, because this is really funny.

The story goes that this 17-year-old girl, Tammy, from Singapore decided to film herself having on her cell phone having sex with her 21-year-old boyfriend in her school, Nanyang Polytechnic. Stupid? You better believe it. But it would have been no big deal if a high school rival hadn’t swiped the phone one day, found the video, and distributed it to the entire web, making it readily available for download.

From what I’m reading this was about a week ago, and it still dominates the search list at Technorati. Tammy is pretty much humiliated, as is her family, which I suppose in understandable considering everyone seems to have seen the video, and the DVD version is on sale at the newspaper stand down the street from the family. The DVD has a rap soundtrack synced to it, featuring “Me So Horny” in time with the action.

I’ve never seen the video, so I don’t even know if this picture, found on the Capital Region People blog, is actually Tammy. But I gotta say, how can you be so stupid? I don’t know why you would make the video in the first place, but to leave it on your phone where anyone can get to it, get a clue. Talk about making a mistake while young that will affect you for the rest of your life. Ouch!

Follow-up: a commentor indicated the first picture might have been taken as offensive, so I replaced it with a picture of a random girl from Singapore about 17 years old, by my estimation. This is not Tammy! If I offended anyone with the first photo, my apologies.

Further foolow-up: OK, I took down the photo, but I have to say you guys are ridiculous. There are approximately 30,000 sites showing the picture which I took down yesterday because someone objected, and replaced it with a clean, clothed picture of a girl from the front page of Tamil Murasu, the daily newspaper in Singapore...what could be wrong with that? I think if you had an objection to that, you are far too sensative, sorry. But, in the spirit of not upsetting people, I took it down. So I guess that means the only upset person is me.

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