Sunday, February 26, 2006

Haveil Havalim #59 is up!

Daled Amos has compiled Haveil Havalim #59. I didn’t know anything about Haveil Havalim until last week, but already I’m hooked. If you aren’t familiar with them, Haveil Havalim is a Jewish blog carnival, which if you’re as new to blogging as me means a whole mess of different blogs with a common tie, in this case Jewish bloggers or blogs about Israel. Well, maybe I’m not describing it well, I will leave it to the people who run the site:

Haveil Havalim is the carnival of Jewish blogs -- a weekly collection of Jewish & Israeli blog highlights, tidbits and points of interest collected from blogs all around the world. It’s hosted by different bloggers each week and coordinated by Soccer Dad. The term “Haveil Havalim”, which means "Vanity of Vanities", is from Kohelet, Ecclesiastes, which was written by King Solomon. Solomon built the Holy Temple in Jerusalem and later on got all bogged down in materialism and other “excesses” and realized that it was nothing but “hevel”, or in English, “vanities.”

A couple favorites for me that are listed in Haveil Havalim are Meryl Yourish’ post on the IFM using VBlogging, Soccer Dad’s Israel Apartheid Week, and AbbaGav’s Limitations of Appeasement. Of course, I haven’t read them al yet. If there’s one you see that’s great, let me know so I can make sure I hit it. And enjoy the carnival.

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