Wednesday, March 01, 2006

NYP Tammy a Hoax? That’s not what I’m Seeing…

I received the following question today from Sonia-Belle, as cool a person as there is on the web, and figured I would address it with a new post. Certainly, it merits a bit of attention:

Is this Tammy NYP story a hoax? There are no photos of her on the net, and her alleged video clip shows two teddy bears having sex. This looks like that follow-the-link 'the best blond joke' prank...

So I went off in search of info. And there was quite a bit of it. If it was a hoax, we’re talking as elaborate a hoax as I’ve ever heard of. The story is out of control now. The story gets searched more than the Olympics, the resumption of Iran’s Uranium Enrichment program, and Dick Cheney’s hunting habits, combine. It gets written about more than John Tierney setting the Women’s Movement back 10 years. And if estimates are correct, more people have seen Tammy’s movie than have seen The Pink Panther.

Hundreds of thousands of t-shirts have been sold, with the simple slogan “I F@#$&! NYP Tammy”. It actually says something a bit worse than that, but I’m trying to not offend anyone here. People are selling the DVDs on street corners, including the one outside humiliated Tammy’s house, and the Singaporean government is cracking down, trying to determine who broadcast the tape out to the internet, while already working out a punishment for the 21 year old boyfriend who is guilty of corrupting the morals of an underage girl.

So at this point, I definitely believed in the tape. And then I found the holy grail of Tammy-ism. Wally World is nearly entirely dedicated to the story, and takes you through every aspect of situation. Any detail you want, they’ve got it. It was there that I found the picture of Tammy and her boyfriend, pictured here (yes, it’s really them this time, so I hope that’s not offensive to anyone) And then I found it, a link to a page with a link to a page where you could download the movie.

I must admit, I’m not really interested in seeing it, so I didn’t pay the $1 to gain access to the download. So who knows, maybe it’s not authentic. But to my eyes, it’s a legitimate story, and one that has obviously caught the attention of the entire world. Who would have guessed it?

If you want to read more about this incident, you can look at my first post on it here.


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