Saturday, July 22, 2006

Live BE Radio, Tonight at 8pm Eastern

Hey everyone!  It’s Saturday again, and you know what that means….time for LIVE BE RADIO!!! This is the last radio show hosted by your friendly neighborhood Nomad before I step aside and let our esteemed host, Orange Haired Boy, host the Blogathon.  So this show I’m going to have to let it all hang out with some great tunes and lots of fun.

Of course, this is your radio show, and the only thing that can make it better are your requests. So tell me what song you wanna hear! (Freebird!!!) If it’s something I haven’t heard before, better to get them in during the day so I can review them first. Also, send me headlines to read, dedications to play, and thoughts for hosting contests, because it will all happen tonight!

And of course I will be holding another raffle for 1,000 credits! That’s right, any comments you leave here will register you for a 1,000 credit raffle that will take place some time during the show. This is the largest raffle on BE, so make sure you’re registered.  And feel free to register often, and listen in for the raffle, so you can claim your 1,000 credit prize.

And anyway what better way to spend a Saturday night than with a bunch of bloggers partying and listening to good tunes. So come on by the chat room, turn up the music, and hang out for a great evening. And add a comment to register for your chance at 1,000 BE credits. Live BE Radio: Radio for bloggers, by bloggers, and yes, even about bloggers!

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