Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Jump Up, Jump Up, and Jump Down….For Global Warming

This is very cool, although perhaps unrealistic.  Hans Peter Niesward of the Department of Gravitationphysik in Muich believes we can stop global warming by all jumping at the same time and realigning the Earth’s rotation. Niesward is actually a fictional figurehead, but the concept is real, as is the site they developed to promote the jump, scheduled for Thusday, 7/20 at 11:39:13 GMT (or app 6:40 am on the East Coast of the US).

The basic scoop is that at that time the Earth will be in one of the most fragile positions in its orbit, and by making a slight adjustment we can greatly alter the affects of global warming?  Do I believe it? Probably not, but I registered anyway, because I figure it’s better to give something a try than to sit back and do nothing.  I always prefer action to inaction!

There is a group that believes the jump should not be made because it will make the Gregorian calendar obsolete. Another group has dedicated a website to proving scientifically that this won’t work. But do we really care?  Not me! I think it will be a fun way to show a bit of solidarity with those who care about global warming, and if a bit of good is accomplished, so be it.  

So if you prefer not to live on a polar ice cap, consider showing it with a jump.  If you like, call it a leap of faith.  And who knows, maybe we’ll jump to the conclusion that we made a difference!

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