Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Epcot Hosts Death Trap

I’ve always been something of a thrill seeker; I love to drive fast, I mountain climb for fun, and I love a good roller coaster. Thus, hearing that an attraction is now killing its riders is, strangely enough, appealing to me. I mean, what could be a bigger thrill then riding in a death trap?

And apparently, that’s exactly what Disney World’s “Mission: Space” ride is. Since opening last year, two people have died while riding the Disney attraction. The first was a 49 year old man, who actually died the day after riding “Mission: Space” of severe bleeding from the brain. The second was a 4-year-old Pennsylvania boy who died of an irregular heartbeat while on the ride.  

Yesterday a 35-year-old woman lost consciousness while exiting the ride, and had to be flown by helicopter to Orlando Regional Medical Center. Today she’s in stable condition.  And while officials refuse to link any of the incidents to the ride, it stands to reason that a ride where the centrifuge spins at such a rate as to expose riders to twice the normal force of gravity could have some medical effects on its riders.

So to me, the question is an obvious one: when are we going to hit Epcot?  Because any ride that is that dangerous is one I’ve gotta try! At the very least it will be a few moments of fun, and who knows where we’ll go from there!

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