Monday, July 10, 2006

Click & Comment Monday

Another blogger who I love Love LOVE to read is Cat, of Living with Multiple Personalities. She comes at life with a positive perspective that is simply infectious, and carries that to a number of little projects she does to make her little corner of the world a better place.  I’m consistently ecstatic to be in that corner.

One of her projects is Click & Comment Monday, where the goal is to leave comments on as many sites as possible. The way it works is simple: click on the icon of a blog’s renter, which will take you to their site, and then comment.  Then, click on their renter, and comment.  Keep going as long as you can.  I’m sure you know the comments can make a person’s day, and it’s a fun exercise all the way around.

So give it a shot!  My renter, found on the left side of the page, is ANO, who I posted on last night, and I’m sure you’ll find plenty of great posts there to comment on.  And make sure you check out Cat’s site while you’re at it.  Thanks for contributing, and for hitting my site.

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