Friday, June 30, 2006

Live BE Radio Saturday at 8pm and 1000 Credit Raffle!

Hello everybody, and welcome to what I hope will be another excellent edition of Live BlogExplosion Radio, this Saturday night, July 1st at 8pm est.  Last week was an amazing week, with lots of people hanging out in the ShoutBox Chatroom, partying to the tunes, making requests, and having a great time. I hope you can be part of it this week too!

And because last week went so well, I decided to spice it up a bit this week. This week, I am going to hold a raffle for 1000 credits* at 10 pm! It’s a simple raffle to enter; all you have to do is post your name (and BE username) in the comments section for this post, and you’ll be entered for the contest. At 10 pm, I’ll announce the winner, and that person will have 30 minutes to write in here or on ShoutBox to claim their prize.  If the first person doesn’t write in time, we’ll hold a second raffle for the 1000 credits.

But you don’t have to be that boring with your comment. Give me a request, a song you’re dying to here, and I’ll get it on the air for you. Mention one post your particularly proud of and give me the URL, and I’ll read the headline during the show, giving you free publicity.  Or tell me you would like to host a contest, and I’ll contact you and arrange some quick traffic to your site.  It’s my pleasure, so tell me what you want to hear on the show!

If you haven’t listened to Live BE Radio yet, it’s a fun way to hang out on a Saturday night, with friends and festivities for all, especially when you combine it with the BE ShoutBox Chatroom. So join the fun!  For 3 hours we’ll have you dancing, singing along, and just enjoying with Live BE Radio: Radio for bloggers, by bloggers, and yes, even about bloggers!

*The 1000 Credit prize will either be spread out over installments or, if I can find people cool enough to help transfer you the credits, it will appear to come from multiple sources (i.e. I transfer the credits to a friend who transfers them to you).  But any which way, you’ll get your 1000 credits, the largest raffle I’ve ever seen on BE!

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