Thursday, June 29, 2006

Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?

I was tagged today by Larko, who asks what type of watch you wear.  Well, oddly enough, Larko picked the right person to tag, as my watch is a bit more significant than some.

You see, I miss Israel tremendously, and as a result I feel it important to have a bit of Israel on me at all times. Thus, I wear the Israeli watch shown below, complete with the Flag of Israel and Hebrew letters around the dial indicating the time.

To me, it’s a constant reminder of the country I love, the country that I made citizenship to 10 years ago, and the country I hope to return to and contribute to again some day in the future.

The watch actually stopped two days ago, and requires a new battery.  Still, I wear it every day, despite the fact that it won’t tell me the time, just as a reminder of what Israel means to the Jewish people, and the goals that I am working towards.

In the next couple days, I’ll replace the battery.  But in the interim, I’ll keep wearing the watch, and longing for the day I can return to Israel. When I return, I hope I’ll be able to make even a fraction of a difference to the country that it made in my life.

So, my turn to tag 5, and I will once again try to tag 5 people I have not tagged recently. Thus, would these people please tell me what watch they wear:


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