Monday, July 17, 2006

Notes From The Weekend

Just a few quick notes from the weekend.  First of all, thanks to all the people who listened in for the radio show Saturday night.  Fun was had by all, with some great requests and a total party in the Shoutbox Chat Room.

Along those lines, Butterflydiva of It’s Just Jill won my raffle for 1000 credits.  Check out her site, it’s very cool. BFD is a mother of an adorable girl, and shares my love of travel, though her passport may not have as many stamps as she would like. Anyway, it’s a cool site, and you should hit it when you have a chance.

I will be holding another raffle this Saturday night, and yes, it will again be for 1000 credits.  Leaving a comment here will get you registered.  And while you’re at it, if you have a song to request for this Saturday’s show that I may not know, it’s best to enter it here so I can listen to it before the show.  Otherwise, I may not feel comfortable playing it.

I also have a new roommate, the extremely cute JJ of The World of Jess.  This Georgia Peach has started her own superhero team, which I am a part of, and is an active participant in Shoutbox.  But I have renamed her JJ, since she’s Dy-No-Mite, and I hope others will use the nickname as well.

With that, another week begins.  Survivor starts up again tomorrow night, and I’m excited to move towards the merge.  I got a bicycle to get myself in better shape, and have been riding all over Rochester. Add in that I’m supposed to play guitar at an open mic this Thursday night, and I’m really psyched for the week to start.

Thanks to everyone for reading, and for helping make my week so much fun. And get ready for a great show this Saturday night, as I’m already putting together some of myk best music to date.  Happy Monday, and welcome to the working week!

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