Monday, July 23, 2007

It’s Alive!!!

No, it’s not the blob, and it’s not Frankenstein’s monster. It’s Caravan Radio, the radio station built by the majority of the staff from the former BigDawgRadio. And as of late last night, it’s finally broadcasting.

Many of you know that a bit over two weeks ago, the members of the BigDawg staff realized that we had an amazing team, with great DJs and a wide variety of talents. But we also knew that under our former ownership we could never reach our full potential. As a result, we decided to band together and build a better station, one that caters to the needs expressed by our listeners, and provides quality entertainment.

Today, that project officially begins. In less than a week, Luna and Val have put together a really amazing site, and are now working on the features to really enhance our offering, like request pages, dynamic schedules, and DJ web pages. But today, the music lives again. Yes, we have our auto DJ playing right now, but soon enough the live shows will be playing, the chat rooms will be buzzing, and the station will be in our listeners’ hands again.

We have huge plans for the new station. Not only will there be a wide variety of live DJs playing different genres of music, but there will also be talk shows, a comedy show, complete albums with really cool background information, a Grateful Dead hour, interviews with musicians of the day, and a serious dedication to the new musicians of today, especially the musicians who don’t get air time on your standard radio stations.

The music has started, but we are gearing up for our big launch in two weeks, August 3rd through 6th. That weekend we’ll have music 24/7, and a variety of parties in different chat rooms so listeners can get to know each other. It should be a fun time, and we hope you’ll join in.

If you’re a new artist and would like to either get some play time during the launch or even contribute a disc as a giveaway, let us know, and we’ll make sure people hear your music. Plus, e are also looking for new DJs, or really anyone with an idea for a show. So if you feel like being part of a great team, give us a holler, and be part of Caravan Radio.

The journey has begun, and we want you along for the ride. So check out Caravan Radio, and let us know what you think. And we look forward to seeing you at the launch in two weeks. Caravan Radio: Where The Music Is A Journey.

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