Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Another Chapter in Danish Mohammed Cartoon Saga

If there is one topic that has been talked about over this weekend, it has been the rising issue over the Danish Cartoons of Mohammed. One opinion included a link that I felt had to be shared.

After a fair amount of research, it appears that these are not even close to the first cartoons printed of Mohammed. Evidently there are a fair number of cartoons of Mohammed that have been printed by Muslims over the years. And there have also been some less-than-flattering cartoons along the way. I’ll so you a few of the pictures, but check out the link, it’s a good site.

This picture was a miniature of Mohammed re-dedicating the Black Stone at the Kaaba, and was from Jami Al-Tawarikh, illustrated in Tabriz, Persia, c. 1315.

This picture is from the 16th Century, and is Turkish. It is named The Prophet Mohammed in a Mosque. This is part of a genre of Mohammed pictures that do not show his face, and his sleeves are long to avoid showing his hands, though his features are somewhat visible.

The Life of Mohamet, written in 1719, was illustrated with this picture of the prophet Mohammed. It is unclear if the picture is found in the original Arabic or only the reprint in French.

This is William Blake’s Depiction of Mohammed.

South Park aired an episode on July 4, 2001 that included a depiction of all the world’s religious leaders, including Mohammed.

In 2002, political cartoonist Doug Marlette published this drawing of Mohammed driving a truck with a Nuclear Bomb.

None of these earlier depictions of Mohammed raised any reaction from the Muslim community. Yes, there is no question that cartoon of the bomb-shaped turban is offensive to the Muslim community. And absolutely, we need to explore the roots of this bias, and try to educate people to the fact that 5% of the Muslim community is responsible for most of the violence we experience from the community, and that many Muslims desire peace as much as you or I.

But there are mean spirited cartoons, articles, and propaganda against the Jews and against all other nationalities on a constant basis. And everyone knows that the media does not represent the views of their home government, and it rarely represents the views of the people they report to. If we use hatred through the media as an excuse to inflict violence on our enemies, violence would be an every day occurrence, or the media would stop being effective.

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