Sunday, March 19, 2006

Christopher Walken for President!

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I just experienced a very surreal lunch. Those who read here know my life is consumed by studying for the GMATs these days, and so for quick food breaks I go down the street to Zebb’s, a burger joint where a couple waitresses know me, know I’m studying hard, and bring me ice tea as soon as I sit down. What more can a guy ask for? Anyway, it’s got a bar with some booths around it, which is where I sit, but people don’t really talk at between the booths or around the bar at all. It’s more of a place you go to be with a person or friends, or a place you go alone (with a math book).

When I pulled in today, I parked next to this yellow Chevy, and on the window was taped an advertisement for Christopher Walken for president in 2008. I don’t know if you guys have heard about this, but I hadn’t, and was immediately intrigued. Walken for President? I like the idea, but beyond that, I knew I had something to post about right away: Walken roles that qualify him for the job, quotes from movies, co-stars, a wealth of good writing to be done on this presidential candidate.

Next to me was a table with 5 college-age women, and since the car had an RIT sticker on it, I figured, why not, ask if one of them owns the car, and if the candidacy is real. So, I got up a bit of guts, and asked. Well, none of them owned the car, but it immediately sparked debate amongst the girls. One of them really liked Walken, he seems smart, and his roles are intelligent. Another girl was totally against it, as she finds him very scary. A third thought he would be an excellent candidate for ambassador to the Middle East, because he would scare the pants off of anyone wanting to do something to the country.

A waitress came over with the girls’ food, and I excused myself. The waitress went back into the kitchen, but soon came out with two other waitresses and a cook. Apparently, the cook had seen an interview with Walken on Letterman, and thought the guy was crazy. He needed to know if it was true that Walken was running for president. Another waitress thought he was hot, and that if he were running for anything, she would be watching TV for his commercials. After being peppered by the girls, she admitted she voted for Arnie.

Soon, the bar was crowded around this corner booth, all talking about Christopher Walken for President. I had to leave to come home to study (except I’m doing this first), but I swear when I was leaving people were moving over from the restaurant part of Zebbs to the bar section to be part of the conversation. There was definitely a lack of wait staff on the floor, as they were all deep in discussion, and yet no one really seemed to care. It was definitely a cool scene.

I came home and found that indeed Walken is running for president, and I agree with a great deal of his platform. I will post on that in the future, though right now I need to hit the books again. But let me leave you with a couple of conclusions that came from the conversation around the bar:

1) Most of the women there felt Walken would not be a good choice, that he would be too scary or too erratic. The guys were more open to the idea, and there were numerous quotes from The Deer Hunter, A View to a Kill, The Dogs of War, Things to do in Denver When You’re Dead, Pulp Fiction, and True Romance to back that up. Those were the movies I recognized the lines from, but man, he’s been in a lot of movies.

2) The women in the bar seemed to prefer the idea of Harrison Ford for President, and can’t believe his hasn’t decided to run yet. It became apparent that the Zebb’s poll clearly indicated that Ford could achieve a majority amongst female voters, transcending discrepancies between right and left.

3) Many people in the bar, both men and women, both left and right, would vote for Martin Sheen for president. However, much of that support appears to be contingent on his accepting Alan Sorkin as the speech writer for his campaign.

4) No one seemed to take my suggestion that the next president should be Jessica Alba. Come on! She would be a great choice. Who would want to mess with the US if it meant they had to meet with Jessica Alba? Oh, wait, that may not work….

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