Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bomb at NCAA Tournament? – Update

OK, an update to the developing issue at Cox. The device has been removed by a robotic device, according to the FBI, and they are using a robotic device to open the package in an isolated mobile chamber. There are thousands of people on the lawn of Cox arena, and there is no word yet on whether the people will be allowed back into the building.

I was asked for a link. CNN is swapping between Operation Swarmer and the arena on TV, but only have a paid video feed on their site. None of my other sites have articles up yet, though Fox News is starting to cover the story now. ESPN is the only story available, and you can find it at here. I hope they are being ultra-careful here, as there may be far more here than meets the eye.


Just a quick update that they have allowed people to enter the stadium now. There is no clear indication as to what was in the package, or if there was any danger to the game-watchers. As I hear more, I'll keep you posted.

Another Update

So, 6 hours after the incident, and we have been told nothing. The games did start, though late, and and there have been no further incidents. But we have not been told what was in the box, or any further information on the delay.

I have no idea if this means that it turned out to be a false alarm, or if we just aren't getting the scoop yet. IF I hear something more, I'll put it up here, so I don't have inaccurate or incomplete info on my blog.

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