Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Vigilante Prostitutes: Hookers Take Back the Daytona Streets

Daytona Beach is facing a serial killer. And a new criminal calls for new crime fighters. Only these heroines wear a rather, er unconventional costume:

"Rather than run from the man police labeled a serial killer, streetwalkers here in Daytona Beach along Ridgewood Avenue say they are seeking the serial killer out," Local 6 reported Tarik Minor said. "They believe the man responsible for murdering three women here is someone they have come in contact with."

Well that sounds like a good idea! Now believe me, I have no objection to the world’s oldest profession. But you’re going to allow people already living on the wrong side of the law to enforce justice in the society?

"We will get him first," streetwalker Tonya Richardson said. "Yeah, we are going to get him first. When we find him, he is going to be sorry. It is as simple as that." Richardson said she and other women are carrying weapons on the streets after Laquetta Gunther, Julie Green and Iwana Patton were found dead in the city. "I carry a switch blade with me now," Richardson said. "Everyone else does now too."

So far, I have seen nothing in the reports that indicate the victims are prostitutes. This means you have a group of criminals who are hunting another criminal while the police turn a blind eye. If you ask me, this is a clear recipe for disaster. Don’t be surprised if the angry mob turn out to be scarier than the criminal their trying to root out.

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