Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Poll Closed: Greatest Danger to the West

I have decided to close the poll on the Greatest Dangers to the Western World. I was amazed to receive a whopping 129 votes, and wanted to thank everyone who contributed.

The winner, with 25 votes (19.4%) was the Divide between Islam and the West, which also happened to be my choice. But perhaps the most surprising response was the 19 people who voted other! Go to this post to see some of those “Other” suggestions, of which there were really some brilliant ideas! Other top vote getters were Global Warming, Dependence on Oil, Dilution of Freedom, and Terrorism.

Perhaps equally surprising was the lack of responses for the Pakistan/India conflict (1 vote), The Israel/Palestine Conflict (4 Votes), and Nuclear North Korea (6 votes). I wasn’t surprised to see Russia’s Insecure Weapons get so few votes (4 votes), and I suspect Iran and Ahmadinejad got so few votes because that conflict may be synonymous with the Conflict between Islam and the West. Overpopulation gained 8 votes, but a lot of people mentioned it as roots for these other conflicts.

I found this poll very educational, and it traditionally challenged me to defend and rethink my own views on the greatest dangers we face today. It also emphasized just how dangerous the world has become today. I can think of no more dangerous period in our recent history, and I wonder what other dangers are just over the horizon.

That being said, it’s time for a new poll, but I’m not sure what that poll should be. My first thought is a poll on the most dangerous period in either modern history or in history in general. But I just did finish with one somewhat gloomy poll, and I would hate to be seen as negative. So I thought I should open it up to you!

Next week I am going to put a new poll on the blog. Tell me what that poll should be about. You can vote for the poll mentioned above, on the most dangerous period in history, you can even vote to redo the last poll with the inclusion of some of the key topics listed in the “other” section but some readers of this blog. Or you can come up with your own suggestion. But you will decide what the next poll is, so that we can all vote on it.

Whoever picks the best poll will receive 250 BE credits, 2nd place will receive 100 credits, 3rd place gets 50. And whether or not you’re a BE member, I completely appreciate your assistance on finding the next poll for our site.

Last note: what’s a poll without a hostess to reveal the answers? So, without further ado, Ms. Vanna White! Thanks again for the help!

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