Monday, March 13, 2006

Sopranos Season Opener Blew Me Away

If you haven’t seen the opener yet and you’re intending to, you probably shouldn’t read any farther, because I’m going to give away the ending. And if you haven’t seen the season opener yet and you aren’t intending to, what is wrong with you? I mean, WOWOWOW. My gf, who has never seen the show, asked me why it’s been so long between seasons, and I couldn’t answer her. But I’ll tell you what, it was well worth the wait.

The episode started slow, and built up, and up, until I was on the edge of my seat with my knuckles turning white. As the subplot developed where Tony’s soldier (I didn’t catch his name, I’ll catch it when I re-watch the show) wanted to move to Florida after a large inheritance, I knew it was going to become an issue, and probably lead to the soldier being killed. I never suspected he was an informant, and was floored when he committed suicide. My jaw similarly dropped when Tony Leotardo beat up Hesh and his nephew, and I followed my jaw when the other informant died in the FBI agent’s car.

But this was nothing compared with my shock at seeing Tony get shot by Junior. Of course, they set it up with all that talk of assisted living, making it that Tony had really created his own destiny. But watching Junior, in his state of Alzheimer-related confusion, continually ask who is at home (after sitting with together with Tony not a minute before), and then finally come down stairs and shoot Tony was just too surreal. And then Tony pulling himself to the phone and accidentally pulling it out of the wall that was just brilliant. I don’t know if Tony is alive or dead, but wow, what a way to start the show.

Add in Meadow dancing for Phin in her underwear, Aidrian haunting Carmella’s nightmares, Janice and Bobby having a baby (while Bobby has become a railroad man), Johnny Sak in jail, AJ growing up and getting more attitude, Chris taking to his new roll, an awesome mafia hit in Boston….really really good stuff! I gotta say, I’m psyched for next week.

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