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Responses to "Greatest Danger" Post

First off, my apologies for not having posted the next pieces in the terrorism series. I have been swamped this week with math as I get ready for my GMATs, and the past couple days I just haven’t been able to get my head above water. But I do hope to resume the series tomorrow, and finish it sometime next week – I take the GMATs next Friday, and spreading it out over the week will get it accomplished and provide time for studying. In the mean time, thanks for your patience.

In the mean time, I had an amazing night out tonight, got home late, took 2 practice quizzes, and find myself with a ½ hour before I have to crash. And while that isn’t enough time for a full post on terrorism, it is enough time to whip out a quick post on a topic I have wanted to write on all week: The great responses I’ve gotten to my poll.

The responses that I’ve gotten regarding the 10 Greatest Dangers to the Western World have been outstanding, to say the least. And while I have made my opinions quite clear in the original piece, many people don’t see the comments, so they don’t see these great alternative opinions, which are often great food for thought. So without further ado, some of the best posts I’ve received on the 10 Greatest Dangers to the Western World!

I chose 'other': propoganda. The war thus far has been in large part a propoganda war, which the enemy understands and embraces and we simply don't. It underlines everything, present and future.
Otto | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 10:28 pm | #

I voted as well and like Suzanne, I find it hard to pick just one, so I picked other. One other option you could also pick is "The West itself." Not that it is clearly more dangerous than any of the other option. Nonetheless it is very a danger to itself, methinks!
the bloke | Homepage | 03.05.06 - 6:44 pm | #

The aging of the Western population and the lowering of the reproductive capacity/ desire of the Western young. We are demographically destroying ourselves.
Indigo Red | Homepage | 02.20.06 - 12:06 am | #

I voted other - I belive the greatest danger to the west and humanity in general is money.
Nan | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 6:21 am | #

Excellent post. I'm with a previous commenter about the diminishing (or soon to be) oil supply. I would add, though, for the US one of the greatest threats is simple indifference. Many people are more concerned with the sex lives of celebrities than with the dangers we face. Indifference to the dangers we face will kill us sooner than anything else. I posted about this a few months ago. Here's the link if you're interested.
James | Homepage | 02.20.06 - 8:33 am | #

I think one of the biggest dangers in the western world is trying to appease the Islamic mosques that will not end preaching the destruction of the western world. Cannot perform collective punishment, even at the expense of hurting ourselves. As well, the ability to be allowed to incite violence in a democratic forum agsainst the west in western citys and streets, mobs of people inciting violence and threating with violence cannot be allowed. This also makes the divide bigger as you say.

Overpopulation, as mentioned in a post already, is huge. Egpyt, will be so bad in 20 years, no room, no food, no water. The number of people that need the resorces of this planet, is just going out of control, and I don't just mean oil.

Indeed, energy demands are raising, so is their price, and so is the dependentcy. Russia used Energy as blaikmail, who's going to hold a people hostage by not giving them energy next.

But there is also a divide growing in western politics, which I think is a bigger threat to west than anything else. In Europe, but more important the U.S., Liberals and Consevatives have two very different ideas on how democracy should look and be operated, and the divide is growing farther apart every day. Gore can't go to Saudi Arabia, and say that America is abusing Muslums. We're not, and he is inciting hate towards the U.S.,and that is unpatriotic. Liberals are saying the zaniest stuff in order to badmouth Bush, at the expense of their own country. And at the expense of others opinions towards The U.S, and at the expense of fair policy in the U.S. They are very soon, going to be going ballistic on one another(It already has started), but even worse. It has the potential to do a great amount of damage toward western government, and the Raical Islamists will just sit back and laugh, and watch the western governments destroy themselves if we all don't get back to the center.
Dr. Schmenghs | 02.20.06 - 2:53 pm | #

I voted... picked other, because I believe it's a general lack of personal responsibility for our own actions and how those actions affect our fellows that could be our downfall.
Lyman | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 5:35 am | #

Although I think our differences with the Arab world are a huge concern, and Global Warming is just as much, I believe the biggest concern is the current direction of our government. It's not just that we're losing our civil freedoms, but also that we feel so self-righteous in meddling into the affairs of others when it's none of our business. There are a lot of other superpowers & I'd imagine they're growing quite tired of us bullying them all in the name of 9/11. Unfortunately, I think 53% of Americans happen to agree with the direction we're's no wonder on the most hated country list, only 2nd to Iran.
jane | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 4:28 pm | #

Your #7 would be mine #1. As for #10, I think the greatest underestimated danger to the World is... a possible invasion from Outer Space. Imagine a superior alien race observing our actions on Earth. Just like we are nervous that Iranian mullahs acquiring nukes, they might be getting nervous that we might export our violence to the Outer Space. So, a preventive strike might be possible to send us back to the Stone Age... for the sake of safety of the entire Galaxy... Maybe they are debating our fate on Alpha Centuri as we speak.... Breaking news: 4342245 votes for destroying Earth, O against, 2 abstaining....
Sonia Belle | Homepage | 02.20.06 - 7:08 pm | #

The major problem we face is religious nutjobs on both sides dagging the entire world into their idiotic holy war.
Dennis Dale | Homepage | 03.10.06 - 12:35 am | #

We are our own worst problem. Capitalism and lack of community is what will destroy our society
xo-jk | Homepage | 03.10.06 - 2:27 am | #

I voted for the split between Islam and America. The Arabs are experiencing, first hand, the depths of our hypocrisy and dishonesty, and no amount of BS is going to change their minds.

I'm afraid that they don't know or don't care that half of us DO NOT support Bush's middle east policy. I mean 30% of the people in this country think Saddam had a hand in 9/11. It's not a far stretch to assume that most Arabs believe that we all support George Bush and his actions.

That scares me more than anything.
Argent | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 2:49 pm | #

I voted the divide between Islam and the West. Actually I think it's worse than a simple divide and more like a clash of opposite cultures, but it certainly shows no signs of cooling down.
Tovya | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 5:13 pm | #

I voted for the split. Until people understand that they don't live by the same understanding of the world, it's impossible to do anything about it.
Ezzie | Homepage | 03.05.06 - 11:45 pm | #

Interesting idea. I would add overpopulation as one of greatest dangers we face. Overpopulation causes environmental problems, it strains ecosystems, it forces people to move to new areas, it deletes resources. Overpopulation will make global warming worse. To feed an overpopulated world we need more fresh water and nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen fertilizer requires oil. Fresh water and oil are in short supply. An ever increasing population guarantees wars over water, food and energy. Our current economic systems depend on growth which, up to this point, has been been primarily provided by population growth (which is why immigration is such a big issue). Common sense tells us this continuous population growth is unsustainable. The challenges of creating societies that do not depend on population growth will force us to rethink many aspects of our lives.
LogicalOne | Homepage | 02.19.06 - 8:31 pm | #

Have you seen China and india? Insane.

Disease due to overcrowding will wipe a whole bunch of us out. Aids is already on its way, whats next?

(Looking forward to those credits, so holding thumbs!)
Devon | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 9:53 am | #

Over population. Because we are already running low and it is just a matter of time when we use it all up.
ikatron | Homepage | 03.09.06 - 5:49 pm | #

I vted for to many people overpop that will kill us in the end.
peace percy
percy | Homepage | 03.09.06 - 3:18 am | #

I would add the following danger to your list: Our dependency on oil.

As a matter of fact, almost half of the threats you mentioned would be managed much more efficiently if we did not have to rely so heavily on oil.

Why do Russia and China protect Iran? Why do we tolerate that Saudi Arabia promotes such an intolerant version of Islam? With what money are the radical madrassas in Pakistan being financed? What natural resource can have the most dramatic impact on our economy? Etc.
Filou | Homepage | 02.19.06 - 11:44 pm | #

I voted for dependence on oil. It seems to drive so many of the other issues and has the added benefit being destructive to the environment. Politically, socially and environmentally destructive is hard to beat.
James | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 10:15 am | #

economic dependence on oil (and coal). It is at the root or a signficant factor in 7 of the 10 "Greatest Dangers"
mallory | Homepage | 03.08.06 - 11:29 am | #

I voted for terrorism. I hate those suicidals...
el patro | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 11:17 am | #

Iran is from the book of revelation.
rockyjay | Homepage | 03.06.06 - 9:09 pm | #
Hi I took poll Nuke Iran too plz.
The WTF Blog... | Homepage | 03.07.06 - 7:46 pm | #

One final note: By the time I got through the first 30 posts, I had counted 11 people who had indicated that they wanted to select multiple dangers, or even have an all of the above. It’s a testament to how dangerous the world has become, when so many dangers are so relevant to our daily lives. I’ll finish off by reiterating that we each need to find the little ways we can relieve the tension in these dangers, and that’s why I write about them. Remember the greatest changes in this world have been effected by a very few people!

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