Sunday, March 19, 2006

Christopher Walken For President

So, as you can see from the comments, it turns out Christopher Walken isn't running for president, it's all some hoax. Guess the goof's on me, huh?

On one hand, it shows the value of the net, immediately communicating the validity of a story. A perfect example of people sharing information, making sure we all have the correct data.

Well, the goof's on them! We need to start a write-in campaign for Christopher Walken. I don't really care if he himself runs, but I like his platform, and if we push for Christopher Walken, maybe people would really see the value behind his campaign.

So, ELECT CHRISTOPHER WALKEN IN 2008! WALKEN FOR PRESIDENT!!! Let's ring in a new era for the US with Christopher Walken for President! Let's get behind our new candidate.

Paid for by Christopher Walken for President

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