Monday, March 20, 2006

Walken for President - Coming Out Speech

Excerpts from Christopher Walken's Coming OutSpeech in Rochester, New York, 3/20/06, announcing his candidacy for President in 2008.

"This candidacy is not about me. Hell, I might not even accept the nomination. It's about a set of ideals that we call democracy. some our our leaders seem to have forgotten those ideals, but in 'Da-BOM (Bloggers of aMerica) Party, we remember them, and we cherish them."

"So it's almost as if I'm not running for President. In fact, it's exactly like I'm not running for President. But my values are. And your values are. And our country's values are. And I am here to tell the big-business mongers out there that, yes, we have values, and we care about them. "

"This is not a candidacy for a person, but for a set of ideals. I hope that in 2008 we can win one for the right ideals. I am Christopher Walken, and these are my ideals."

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