Monday, July 31, 2006

Mel Gibson Cover-Up Being Investigated

In a short update to a post from Saturday, the Los Angeles police department is now investigating whether there was a cover-up in the circumstances following the arrest of actor Mel Gibson on Friday night. The police department’s contention is that, while he did make a variety of statements that were in the original police report and omitted from the final police report, the omissions were reasonable and would have occurred in any arrest.

"There is no cover-up," Sheriff Lee Baca told the Los Angeles Times. "Our job is not to (focus) on what he said. It's to establish his blood-alcohol level when he was driving and proceed with the case. Trying someone on rumor and innuendo is no way to run an investigation, at least one with integrity."

There are also reports now being released by, the news organization that first obtained the original arrest report, indicating that twice before Gibson has been stopped twice before for reckless driving, each time driving well over the speed limit and both times suspected of being under the influence. However, neither time was Gibson issued a ticket. These stops occurred 1 and 3 years ago.

I also want to note that one of the real dangers in a cover-up of this nature can be seen in the comments section of my own blog.  Kim, who writes a pretty decent blog called In The News – Commentary by Kim walks away from an incident like this thoroughly believing that Gibson is not anti-Semetic, when his statements, as well as his pet-project “Passions of the Christ” tell the true tale. Sorry Kim, I like Mel Gibson’s movies too, but there is no question that Gibson does not like Jews. The true report tells the tale.

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