Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Call for Guest Bloggers!

Calling all bloggers, calling all bloggers!  I am looking for guest bloggers to post on Perspectives of a Nomad!  Perhaps you have a story about your travels, your views on world events, or just about anything really!  Well, I would love to have you write a post for the Nomad.

We have options, too!  You can write a solitary post, we can do a point-counterpoint, where I’ll write a follow up to your post, or we can try something more creative than that.  End of the day, I’m open to suggestions, and I’m all ears.  

And a couple added bonuses. First, any blogger who chooses to write a guest post on the Nomad will receive credits, either from BlogMad or BlogExplosion.  The number of credits will be based upon the post (so yes, a 2 line post like “Ants: Adam Had ‘em” will get less than a serious post on world peace).  

Second, I will be starting my new radio show on Friday night, which will get listeners from around the blogosphere, without being limited to people in one of the two major sites mentioned above. I will mention your post on the show and urge people to take a look at it, giving you some promotion.

So, feel like doing a guest post?  We would love to have you!  Come do a post at the Nomad, and find out what being a guest here is all about. And while you’re at it, maybe you can tell me how the picture above (top of the post) comes up in the Google image search under “Guest Book”.  Best response gets 100 BE or BM credits.

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