Friday, August 04, 2006

Live Big Dawg Radio Tonight at 9pm est – with the 1000 Credit Raffle

Yes, folks, the Roamin’ Nomad is back on the air tonight from 9pm – 1am eastern time tonight on a new station: BigDawgRadio!  No more technical difficulties, outages, or troubles loading up the player, BigDawg uses the best technology to deliver rocking music all night long to your computer.

Once again, your friendly neighborhood Nomad will be hanging out in BlogExplosion’s Shoutbox Chat Room to take your requests and feel the pulse of the listeners. It will be a big party, and we hope you’re going to join us for it!

Plus, sometime during the show, I will raffle off 1,000 BE credits.  Feel like getting 1,000 hits to your blog, or just entering a ton of Battle of the Blogs? Well, post a comment or a request here, and you’ll be entered into our 1,000 credit raffle, the largest raffle on BlogExplosion.

The new station will allow easier requests, dedications, and listening, while BlogExplosion will provide a party and community feeling rarely felt on the internet.  So this and every Friday night, get ready for some great listening on BigDawgRadio!  Can you say WOOOF?

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