Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Battle of the Blogs and the Allure of Sex

When I wrote my post yesterday asking for guest bloggers, I included a photo of  a half-dressed woman that came up in Google’s Image Search under the search term “Guest Book”. An amazing blogger named CyberCelt noted that I would have been winning BotB’s if I had put that picture near the top of my post, instead of the bottom.

So I did an experiment.  I lost 9 of 11 Battle of the Blogs with the post of the anonymous woman in negligee at the bottom.  This morning, I moved the picture to the top, and low and behold, 6 wins and 4 losses, despite the post being a day old!  

It’s actually been months since I posted pictures of scantily clad girls.  It’s not that I lost my taste for the fairer sex, at all, but I began questioning the whole idea of exploiting women for the sake of building up my site.  True, the site was never as beautiful as when Jessica Alba graced my top post, but I wanted people to relate with the content, not the women.

Still, it’s quite obvious that, even in the wonderful world of blogging, sex sells!

I don’t vote that way.  I do prefer a blog that is sexy, but that doesn’t mean sexy women, but rather a sexy attitude, or a sexy spirit. I prefer a blog with a hot cartoon woman than the hottest model butt naked, because the cartoon reflects the spirit of the author as opposed to the body of some woman.  I may be in the minority there, but that’s the way I see it.

For example, ShallowMike’s blog continually is graced with beautiful women, and as a red-blooded man I enjoy looking at these women.  But in a Battle of the Blogs, I rarely vote for Mike, despite him being a nice guy.  I would much prefer to vote for CatEyes, of Living with Multiple Personalities, whose sexy and spirited attitude, along with her obvious intelligence, comes out both in her cartoon image and in every word she writes.  

The Plumbutt Chronicles consistently provides sexy pictures, including some of the world’s hottest women sucking lollipops and popsicles.  But any day of the week I would choose TheWriteJerry, who challenges me to rethink my views on issues on a daily basis.  And when voting in BotB’s, my vote reflects that, reflects the thought provoking nature of Jerry’s writing, and his dedication to the truth even though it often differs from my truth.

So what about the blogs with the beautiful women strewn about, scantily clad or less, in an effort to gain the approval of the voting blogger community?  Well, based on my recent losses, and more recent wins, I would guess that they are succeeding. But if you want my vote, stimulate my mind rather than my loins. Plus you get the added advantage of getting a person who will keep coming back to read your blog.

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