Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Halle Berry Claims: "I Am Christopher Walken"

Today, Halle Berry came out strongly behind Christopher Walken for President, siting his support of a woman's right to choose has teh reason for her strong affinity to the candidate.

Christopher Walken is for the American family, and he knows how destructive it can be to live in a broken household, devoid of love and compassion. He understands the real world. And because of it, he knows that a woman should have the right to choose to have a child when he is ready.

And Walken isn't just leaving the problem alone, or ignoring it. He wants a new solution, and he turns to education on safe sex. Again, he knows that the real world is filled with images of sex, and also knows that no amount of stigmatizing of pregnant women will solve the problem of unwanted pregnancies. But maybe education can.

Berry finished by showing that her allegiance lies, not so much in the actor, but in his views, and that in some way their paths are the same.

In my mind, the war an abortion is tearing our country apart, and we need someone who's going to bring new approaches to the issue. Couldn't that person be Christopher Walken?

So I say I'm Christopher Walken. There's some Walken in me. Isn't there some in you? IF so, maybe we can compare notes (or something) along the campaign trail. Maybe we'll start with dinner? I'm a big fan of swordfish....

This post is a complete farce and is paid for by Christopher Walken for President.

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