Sunday, March 26, 2006

Moni Takes On the Corporate Giant: Follow-Up

First off, I want to thank MSNBC and many others for linking to my other Moni story, and for taking such an interest. We should all put as much support behind Moni and the woman who has been laid off as possible. As a fellow blogger, I sort of consider Moni a kindred spirit, and her friend a victim of corporate greed. Thanks for telling them both that they are not alone.

Moni herself stopped by and mentioned that she's actually 35. 35? Wow! I must say, for 35 years old, Moni is quite cute. Not as cute as my gf, but quite cute.

Second, Moni mentioned I had the salaries wrong. In actuality the salaries were correct, but I had converted them from a monthly salary to a weekly salary since the hours were listed as in weekly form. So recognize that the salaries mentioned are higher in Moni's articles, because they represent the monthly wages received, offered, and suggested, as opposed to the weekly salaries.

Finally, Moni took down her article. I don't blame her; when the big bad corporate wolf is threatening to blow the house down, sometimes you do what you have to do. But what a shame that Transparency has won, at least for the moment. Let's hope that the voice of the people will be heard, and Transparency Internation will do right by Moni and her friend.

Keep blogging, Moni! We love you over here!!!

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