Friday, March 24, 2006

Wet T-Shirt Contest Busted

Well, now that I’m back from math hell, time for some commentary on the news. First, this story comes out of Bay County Florida, a long-time spring break hangout for high school and college kids. Apparently at a loss for what to do with their time, six sheriffs decided to roust a wet T-shirt contest for lewd and lascivious behavior. I’m sure this was one of hundreds of like events around the town that will take place these next two weeks (at least if it’s anything like when I was there), but they decided to break up this group’s good time.

Investigators say the male DJs and customers used alcohol to help encourage the female participants to remove the t-shirts, expose themselves, and allow the audience to fondle them and bite their breasts.

Capt. Rickie Ramie of the BCSO Special Investigations Unit explained, “They had taken a contest and basically there were females up there performing oral sex on one another, that was the original complaint. And we sent in a couple of investigators in at the time to see what was taking place. Inside they saw, certainly things that would be classified as violations of the law."

How much do you want to bet that there was at least a 30 minute delay between the investigators arriving at the scene and determining that a crime was being committed? The story continues:

Deputies arrested six people. Thirty-two-year-old Charles Ray Bunch of Panama City is accused of solicitation for lewd and lascivious conduct by the contestants. Seventeen-year-old Jacqucin Strong of Orange Beach, Alabama was arrested on nudity and indecent conduct.

Aside from young Strong, all the participants in the event, as well as the other people at the bar, were apparently of age. Of the 6 people arrested, 3 were men, including one person who was charged with resisting arrest.

OK, maybe I’m missing something here, but aren’t these just a bunch of kids heading south to blow off some steam after a tough set of finals (or they’ll think they’re hard until they get into the real world)? Aren’t there enough things to worry about in the world without raining on the parade of a few kids having a bit of harmless fun? Seems like the Bay County police aught to get a life.

A quick note: I had a devil of a time finding a couple photographs of wet T-shirt contests that weren’t pornographic. The hardships I go through to make sure my there are good pictures to go along with the stories! I guess everyone has to make sacrifices. Anyway, appreciate the photos; they were a labor of love.

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