Saturday, August 05, 2006

A Bit of Very Cool Housekeeping

Saturday afternoon, and it’s beautiful outside, but I wanted to make sure that I posted a couple of quick items on my blog for those of you who might be home reading.

First off, I want to point out my new roommate.  Tracy of WingedEmotion (the link is that thumbnail just to your right) has such a fun blog, you’ll absolutely love it. You know, some people, you read their stuff, and it’s just so obvious they have a song in their heart at all times, and Tracy is one of those people. So if you’re looking for a pick-me-up, go check out WingedEmotion, and let Tracy lift you up!

Next, I had my first radio show last night with BigDawgRadio, and what a treat it was!  The show went off without a hitch and with no technical difficulties, people say the sound quality was dead on the whole way, listeners had easy access to request, and the listeners were energetic, fun, and participatory. I had a blast, and I think that everyone had a good time.  

Along those lines, I again raffled off 1000 BE credits last week, and we had a winner: LunaStone, who created this site. No, the raffle was not rigged at all; I just searched for a random number generator and then got a random number and picked that comment number.  But, I will keep doing these doing these raffles every week, so feel free to comment here and enter a raffle for 1000 BE credits to be held during next week’s show.

Would people like me to raffle off BlogMad credits as well?  I have a ton, and would be happy to do it, so let me know if that would be of interest to anyone.

Finally, I will be posting my second guest-post shortly, but I am actively looking for other people to do guest posts.  If you are posting on something with multiple points of view, perhaps we could do a point/counterpoint, like I did with Davenelli, debating a broad view of the Hezbollah/Israel crisis today. Or maybe your views will stand alone.  But if you would like to guest-post on the Nomad, please let me know here.

Anyway, that’s it for this update.  The guest post will go up shortly, and Haveil Havelim will be posted tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy the weather.

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